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Why Weed Smokers Love Crazy Glue Strain

Crazy Glue strain

Crazy Glue strain is one of the unique marijuana strains that offers intense high and relaxing effects like no other. It is a well-balanced, hybrid strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This hybrid strain is loved by professional weed smokers. Try this strain to take your weed experience to a whole new level.  If […]

Discussing The Benefits of King Tut Strain

king tut strain

Pyramid Seeds invented the term Tutankhamon for such a Marijuana strain, which is pretty remarkable but not surprising. Pyramid Seeds implies a historical connection to the ancient Giza pyramids, while Tutankhamon – sometimes called King Tut cannabis – is named after King Tut, who is supposed to have remained in power when these pyramids were […]