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Hash Types-101: How Many Variants Are There?


Hash started simple, yet over the years, it has evolved so much that there are multiple variants available in the market. From the hashish rubbed with hands all the way to completely commercialized extraction with carbon dioxide, hash has experienced its own global journey. Today, you can find several variants in the market that include […]

Understanding The Basics of Moroccan Hashish

Hash online in Canada

When you talk to a hash enthusiast, they will surely tell you that you must try the Moroccan hash. But why is it? Why is this hash variant so popular? Morocco is no doubt a place to be if you plan on trying the best form of hashish. However, you can also find hash online […]

Types of Hash You can Buy Online

hash online canada

Hash or hashish is a type of cannabis concentrate that is highly potent and is made from trichomes. Trichomes are the most potent part of a cannabis plant. It comes from the marijuana plant, one of the cannabis plant species. Hash has a higher percentage of THC in it and is used for getting high. […]