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What is pink death strain? What are its characteristics?

pink death strain

Pink Death marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid blend between Pink Kush & Death Bubba. These crystallized, dense, frigid buds are fresh with aromas of sweet gas & pine, leaving you euphoric & relaxed. Pink death strain is crossbred from parents Pink Kush & Death Bubba, providing you a melted sensation of deep bliss as your cares […]

What is the best way to use Death Bubba weed?

death bubba

Every now & again, cannabis smokers are drawn to a strain-based only on its name. Some names, like Death Bubba, are not only intriguing but also provide a fair idea of the strain’s characteristics. When you smoke Death Bubba, you are in for a crazy trip that might finish in a death-like slumber. This potently fragrant […]

How Long Will You Stay High After Consuming Marijuana?

buy marijuana online

Marijuana is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Users who take weed to get high are often curious about one thing – how long can they remain high. This is an important question and will help you plan your usage. The duration of the high will depend on the strength of the product, doses, […]

Smart Ways to Use Marijuana for Different Purposes

buy marijuana online

Marijuana has gained a huge popularity now that it is legal in Canada. The online market is flooded with a wide range of marijuana products, each different from the other, and people have been using it for many different purposes. Some use it to get high, others for pain relief. It has become a versatile […]

How to Buy Marijuana Online & Get it Delivered Safely at your Doorstep

How to Buy Marijuana Online & Get it Delivered Safely at your Doorstep

  Buying marijuana online is much easier than going to a dispensary. You can buy marijuana products safely from the comfort of your home. Plus, it is safer to buy it online from a trusted source. Whether you are buying marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, it is important that you buy it from an […]

Indica or Sativa: What to choose when you buy marijuana online

Indica vs. Sativa: Which weed strain is right for you? The phrases Sativa & Indica have undoubtedly dictated each marijuana-related judgment you ever have made. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned weed customer opting to buy marijuana online, the first thing you’re likely to ask yourself each time you order for a particular […]

Does marijuana affect men and women differently?

Does marijuana affect men and women differently?

One of the essential points to learn about the use of marijuana is that it will trigger you differently depending on your gender. If there is an environment where men outperform women, it is how much weed they smoke. Latest surveys indicate that as many as 3-quarters of cannabis smokers are male. Perhaps more surprising […]