Does weed potency improve with time?

Weed: Does it improve in potency with age?

It is common for weed lovers to forget a pack or two here and there while enjoying with friends and getting high. So, if you did find an old bag of weed sealed and stored in your closet drawer, you might want to try it out before you order another bag. Finding an old bag of weed can be a surprise, maybe a good or bad one depending on whether you can use it or not.

When you face this situation, the first question that pops up in one’s mind is whether weed improves potency with age or goes bad.

Understanding Weed Potency: For Better or Worse!

Weed that is safely stored doesn’t go bad regardless of age. However, if you don’t store it well, it can develop fungus or mold with time and be rendered unsafe for use. Moreover, bad storage practices can make the weed go stale and even lose the freshness when forgotten for too long.

And, it’s without a doubt that stale weed should be dumped and not consumed. So, what is the time frame for weed buds to lose their freshness?

Factors that Determine the Freshness of Weed

If you have just found a stash of weed, it is critical to understand all the factors that allow the weed to remain fresh for long. Under the right conditions, the weed can stay fresh for several months. On the other hand, it could have crumbled up into fine dust particles if it wasn’t stored right. If your weed was professionally harvested, cured, dried, & stored it is bound to stay fresh and usable for years. The time range could be anywhere between six months and a year.

So, the next time you mail order marijuana, make sure you store the leftovers properly if you plan on using them later.

Major Factors that Influence the Freshness and Potency of Weed Include:


Humidity is a prominent factor that could make or break the integrity of your cannabis stash. Controlling the amount of humidity your weed bud is exposed to can help keep your weed safe and fresh for consumption for long. Weed held in a too humid environment tends to develop mold or fungus while making smokers sick when ingested.

Finding the right way to control humidity and ensuring the perfect balance allows your bud stays fresh for a long time. The ideal humidity rate for cannabis is generally between 59% and 63%.

This humidity level also preserves the consistency, aroma, and taste of the weed. Typically, you would see mold development in an environment with a humidity level going above 65%. Apart from this, a space with low humidity levels can accelerate the drying process, and your weed would lose its freshness.


Another significant element in the process of keeping your cannabis fresh is light. It is a known fact that UV rays tend to break down cannabis’ chemical components such as CBD and THC. Even though humidity is a significant contributor, light is also essential in keeping your weed potent. With the right conditions for lighting, your cannabinoids would stay intact, fresh, and suitable for longer than a year or two.


Temperature is also an essential element in retaining the potency and freshness of your weed stash. Generally, it is advised that you store the weed in an environment that is dry and cool. However, do not confuse cool with freezing or cold environments. Never make the mistake of keeping your weed in the refrigerator or freezer.

When you do this, it will be exposed to temperature fluctuations when you close and open the door to get something out of the cold zone. This can accelerate the growth of mildew or mold and even break the trichomes when present in the freezers.

There is no doubt that weed tends to act opposite to wine. With time, the components in cannabis can slowly dissipate. This is especially true for THC, which is the prime component of the plant. As time passes by, weed gradually loses its THC & hence its potency.

  • 1 year or more- close to 16% of THC is lost
  • 2 years or more- close to 26% of THC is lost
  • 3 years or more- close to 34% of THC is lost
  • 4 years or more- close to 41% of THC is lost


Even though weed tends to lose its potency very slowly, it does surely lose it over time. It doesn’t expire like our regular grocery items, but that doesn’t mean you should let it go unused for years. Apart from losing the potency with time, weed would also lose the texture, aroma, & flavour with time. However, with the proper storage techniques in place, you keep your buds fresh for a long time.

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